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The world’s population is aging at an unprecedented pace, posing challenges for families, societies, and governments thinking about how to meet care needs and how to best prepare for the future.

It is increasingly clear that answering key questions about aging requires data that:

  • Spans the life course
  • Contains information about social relationships, economic status, and health status
  • Provides information about context and environment

Research by faculty affiliates of CCPAH has and will continue to draw on data, much of which we have collected through past and on-going projects, that provide the rich array of information necessary to make headway on complex research questions concerning health and cognition at older ages.

Our approach

Our research center brings together faculty from across the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Our core faculty are drawn from the disciplines of demography, sociology, economics, epidemiology, geography, and anthropology. They have developed and fielded a number of long-running population-based longitudinal surveys that provide rich data for analysis of questions related to aging across a wide array of diverse settings.

CCPAH provides important resources to the field of aging research by continuing to innovate on measurement in the key surveys our faculty design and collect and on linkage of these surveys to other administrative and contextual data, ensuring that the content of these surveys is state-of-the-art and that the data resources are available to researchers outside of CCPAH as well as within.