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Key Datasets Collected by CCPAH Faculty

ProjectDatasetMulti-purpose interviewsHealth assessmentsGeneticsCognitionAdministrative dataContextual and network data
National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health)Add Health demographics, SES, social, behavior, cognitive, psychosocial, health anthropometry, STIs, HIV, blood pressure, blood-based biomarkers, medications, and family health history candidate genes, GWAS, epigenetic, gene expression data, microbiome repeated measures of picture vocabulary test, word recall, and digits backwardsbirth certificates, military records, hospitalization records, and death certificatespeer networks, friends, romantic partners, schools, college, family, neighborhoods, states.
Add Health Parent SurveyAdd Health demographics, SES, behavior, work, wealth, personality, intergenerational relations physical and mental health, cognition, medications, family health histories (across 3 generations)low-frequency sequencing data for GWAS to be collected in second wave planned for 2022consents for Medicare, Medicaid, SSA, Corelogic (i.e., residential histories)ties to children, family and friends, neighborhoods, states
Cebu Longitudinal Health and Nutrition Survey (CLHNS)CLHNSdiet, self-reported health, work and physical activityanthropometry, cardiometabolic risk factors, markers of inflammationcommunity surveys and facility data
China Health and Nutrition Survey (CHNS)CHNSdemographics, SES, diet, physical activity, self-reported health, intergenerational relationshipsanthropometry, body composition, blood pressure, biomarkers, nails, fecal samples genome-wide GWA data MMSE items from 1997contextual data as is requested by userscommunity survey on infrastructure, wages, services, prices
Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS-HSE)RLMS-HSEdemographics, SES, work, housing, income, expenditures, savings, intergenerational ties, behavior anthropometric and dietary data in select rounds, detailed self-assessed health with medical historyword recall, backward counting, eventscommunity survey on infrastructure, services, prices, medical facilities, environment
Study of the Tsunami Aftermath and Recovery (STAR)demographics, employment, networks, self-assessed physical /psychosocial health, migrationanthropometrics, blood pressure, blood-based biomarkers, dried blood spotsword recall (starting 2008), patterns (starting 2009), MMSE and tablet-based Executive Function (2017-18)censuses of population and community infrastructurecommunity surveys, facility data, measures of destruction from satellite imagery
Key Datasets Collected by CCPAH Faculty