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Through our pilot projects program we aim to facilitate the development of research in the demography and economics of aging, focusing on our themes of aging in diverse contexts, health and social/economic productivity, and measurement and methods. We provide post-award support for the development of competitive external grant proposals.

Effects of health on economic well-being of older adults in the context of rapid modernization.

PIs: Linda Adair, Penny Gordon-Larsen, Jeremy Moulton (ESI), Annie Green-Howard (ESI) Elizabeth Frankenberg

Social Determinants and Adverse Health Outcomes in Older Adults: The role of inappropriate medication use.

PIs: Jennifer L. Lund (ESI) and Yang Claire Yang

Life Course Cognition: Multimodal Measurement of Cognitive Functioning among Diverse Midlife Americans.

PIs: Robert Hummer, Taylor Hargrove (ESI), Allison Aiello

Neurological Biomarkers in Dried Blood Spots: A New Method for Population Studies

PIs: Robert Hummer

Impacts of Extreme Events on Older and Foreign Born Adults

PI: Nathan Dollar.

Ultra-High Resolution Neuroimaging of Hippocampal Subfields in Healthy Aging.

PI: Kelly Giovanello.

Using Linked Census and Electronic Health Record Data to Address Health Disparities

PI: John Batsis and Hillary Spangler

Evaluating the impacts of heavy precipitation events on geographic access to health care for aging rural populations

PI: Paul Delamater

Electronic Health Records: A Potential Source of Data on Migration and Mobility

PI: Barbara Entwistle